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shows you new professional opportunities so that your life can become easier, more pleasant and worth living. This global business has a future. Act now and benefit from a stable market and a long-term professional perspective with passive income.

independent of time and place
Climnet network

The basic idea of ​​a company like ClimNet, to launch emerged from the dream of creating a better future by people for people.

Our product philosophy is


  • less additives more pure nature

  • fewer ingredients more valuable & useful ingredients

  • less environmental impact more sustainability

We are the first company of this kind which climate-neutral or climate positive & CO2 negative (including biogenic plant carbon products) sells products.

more than a philosophy
Business Konzept
ClimNet offers you a modern business with qualitative high-quality products combined with the latest marketing tools.
Business Selbstständig

We chose the referral marketing model because we thereby offering every partner the opportunity to build up a constantly growing income, independent of time and place, with a fair compensation plan.

Josef Püttmann's 30 years of experience in this sales model ensures that both the company, but primarily our team partners, achieve the intended goals. A modern billing system offers each of our partners their own, personalized Customer shop and a clear, modern back office for internal administration. With an external online system, each partner is competently supported, his own Set up a professional and up-to-date network in a completely uncomplicated manner. Modern tools are part of our standard and are constantly being modernized and expanded. You are welcome to request our business model with a career plan.

Online Marketing
Klimaschutz Umweltschutz

Our product portfolio is continuously supplemented by our own innovative product recipes from the creative pen of our in-house product developer with 18 years of experience. This ensures the unique selling points of the products for our company and all team partners.

The focus is always on quality and sustainability. We produce as low-emission as possible and this mainly in Germany & Switzerland.

The company name ClimNet "The Climate Network" stands for the high standards of environmentally friendly products. All future products will be sustainably built on this philosophy. In this way, our company ensures a better environment in the background and offers our team partners a modern and future-oriented business platform with focused product ideas, the latest marketing tools and far-reaching visions in a global sales network.

Our most modern marketing tools are available to all team partners. The company's own online platform "Successtool24" with topic-related landing pages and a modern information center for customers and interested parties as well as a clear, comprehensive training portal round off the business-related tools.

Weekly live online training & education support your success.

Glückliche Familie

Your time- and location-independent business ensures more free time & a healthy one work-life balance

Make a decision now, yours life will change positively in the long term.

Benefit from our many years of experience and the innovative world of ideas from ClimNet. The founders and the team in the back office act with many years of experience and topic-related know-how.


You want detailed information about the marketing plan, our products and more valuable topics for your decision?

We offer all interested parties access to our detailed Info Center, Successtool24. There you have the opportunity 24/7 to inform yourself about ClimNet without obligation. This info center is personalized for each of our team partners to disposal. Valuable landing pages and other tools for attracting interested parties and team partners make work a lot easier. The information is regularly updated and adapted to needs.


In addition, every team partner in this system, Successtool24, receives an education and training center with basic and advanced training elements in the form of videos, live meetings and much more.

your business opportunities ClimNet
Investoren Konzept
Teampartner werden

Independence, Success & Recognition

Start now into a new future with endless career opportunities without any obligations.

Influencer watch out

We give influencers a stable platform for regular advertising revenue without any obligations.

Influencer gesucht


Your perfect capital investment in your own recommendation business. Profitable & long-term.


Josef Püttmann

Managing Director

Josef Püttmann

He has been successfully on the network industry floor for around 30 years. The trained farmer recognized at a young age that this job was not his calling. He got to know and love referral marketing through a newspaper ad. In an American company, Josef Püttmann reached the highest career level and was one of the top leaders in Europe for many years. From June 2017 to September 2021, the entrepreneur led a German teleshopping brand into the network with around 80,000 partners and customers. At the beginning of 2022 he started "the climate network GmbH" with two co-partners  ClimNet , because he not only wants to bring his own creative ideas closer to people, but also attaches great importance to a foundation of trust, honesty and, above all, humanity.

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